In a few words

Founded in Lyon, TELAMON designs and implements digital business solutions and services for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. The business needs of our customers are at the heart of our strategy of innovation and evolution of our services in order to offer the right data, the right calculations, the right ergonomics; simple, fast, efficient.

Focus on business needs

Ambitious goals, but limited resources, less and less time for testing, training, feedback...

And this trend is not going to change. That's why TELAMON places customer needs at the heart of its strategy for innovation and evolution of its business solutions:

TELAMON employees have hands-on experience of the business, as they already worked as users, and the Business Department plays the essential role of customer ambassador.

Starting from business needs, we have to find the right data and calculations, but also the right ergonomics, the simplest, fastest and most efficient.

And technique must be at the service of these business needs (ability to evolve flexibly, quickly, mobilizing a minimum of customer resources, simple and few parameters, alerts, no risk of irremediable error).


Operations are based on efficiency criteria: added value for the customer, the possibility of establishing a balanced and profitable collaboration.

The profitability of an operation is not TELAMON's primary objective: it is the right measure of a successful collaboration.

Indicators defined and monitored together with the customer accurately measure return on investment. TELAMON's ambitious development strategy is supported by exceptionally loyal customers and recurring revenues.

This freedom offers customers a solid guarantee that their investment will last.