Our teams

Quality of the customer relationship, technical quality:
impossible without the quality of the teams.

Maximum efficiency for the customer

Well-trained, well-organized, available and stable consultants and engineers are the customer's dedicated contact. Maximum efficiency for the customer, because we know who to contact immediately, without the need for any preliminary presentation. Rapid diagnosis and solution.


Of support requests

are answered within 15 minutes.

TELAMON's growth is reinforced by a simple, straightforward HR policy

Internships, regular recruitment of junior staff or with initial experience, team training in our values, methods and technology, strong autonomy and rapid assumption of responsibilities.

This stability contributes to our overall perceived quality.

{Work-life balance, choice of missions, non-hierarchical teams, customer service, pleasant working environment and atmosphere, innovation, quality, fair sharing of the fruits of a successful business model... These topics have long been at the heart of TELAMON's growth.{
Jean-Jacques Humblot - CEO