A simple strategy: highly profitable business services for the Customer,
served by irreproachable teams and technique.

The best for you

The most powerful calculations on the market, at the finest level, redone every day, ultra-available teams, and all this simple, reliable, soft cost. Hard to believe, but also hard to do without.


Le Plan 2023 s’est fixé des objectifs ambitieux :

– Une rentabilité proche de 20 %
– Une croissance organique de 20 %.


Innovation has been in TELAMON's genes from the outset. This applies not only to technology, but also to sales and contracts.

Bus_data™ technology

In 2015, Bus_Data™ technology and its business data architecture pushed back the boundaries by integrating advanced and tactical business intelligence: a single base for advanced Business Functions, reporting, monitoring, alerts, PC or smartphone access...

s(aas) Method

Customers are looking for budget visibility. A milestone was reached in 2013 with the S(aaS) method, which integrates all the usual services, including support and hosting.

Merxor Division

The Merxor Division also offers the possibility of outsourcing certain service-related business tasks, temporarily or otherwise, for maximum RsI within a minimum timeframe.

Solid finances

It's not easy to choose a digital service provider in this uncertain world.
You want quality, experience, but also visibility.

Maintaining and developing digital services that are at the cutting edge of user needs requires substantial, regular investment - more than 30% on average at TELAMON, all of which is expensed - and a solid balance sheet:


  • High equity, low debt;
  • Sobriety, quality, cost control;
  • Quality customer relations, for profitable operations;
  • Profits are shared equitably between customers, employees, the company and capital.

Mastering technology

More vital than ever. Choose with common sense, thinking real utility, simplicity, durability, market consensus, ability to evolve.
Far from fads. At the service of real customer needs.

The ultimate aim of technological choices is to appeal to the user, to accompany him as his needs evolve. For instance: we no longer have the time; we want to be alerted in such and such a situation, sometimes urgently, quickly, but simply. The smartphone wins hands down.