Why join TELAMON

TELAMON's missions, work-life balance, organization in non-hierarchical teams, customer service, pleasant working environment and atmosphere, innovation, quality, equitable sharing of the fruits of a successful business model...

At the forefront of business and technical innovation, concerned about quality, efficiency, satisfied and long-lasting customers, TELAMON reaps the benefits of a successful business model: financial solidity, growth, profitability and investments.


fair share of profits

The high productivity achieved by TELAMON benefits everyone, first and foremost the customer: high quality results for a total cost far below market standards.


Profit sharing
PEE contribution

Employees benefit from profit-sharing and incentive agreements that have been in force for many years, backed up by a Company Savings Plan and a substantial matching contribution.


Sharing the result
of the year

In addition, bonuses represent one third of the profit generated at the end of the year, all this in perfect coherence with the Chartered Accountant, the Statutory Auditors, and regular information of the employees.
And one third will strengthen the company's equity.