Our values & HR policy

R&D, investments, imagination, creativity... are among the drivers of our business model. To encourage them, TELAMON has patiently improved the organization of work in small autonomous and collaborative teams, supported by a method and tools particularly focused on data and application agility.

{At the forefront of business and technical innovation, concerned about quality, efficiency, satisfied and long-lasting customers, TELAMON reaps the benefits of a successful business model: financial solidity, growth, profitability and investments.{
Jean-Jacques Humblot - CEO

Organization of work

Programming in the sense of coding represents less than 10% of the time of
this allows them to focus on design, data, and the management of their operations.

Less pressure means more time for creativity and quality.
All the players, including the Customer, are well aware of this.

The autonomous pair is thus the backbone of Telamon. The distribution and
the organization of the work are decided in autonomy. Always part-time on a
in a client operation, the pair is not constrained by deadlines and can organize itself over time. The pairs are then assembled in teams with little hierarchy. Specialty areas complete the system: security, UX/UI, etc.

Pleasant working environment and atmosphere

Clear, transparent and spacious premises, combining open spaces and a few individual offices, no cabinets, a minimal printer, the U-shaped plateau is conducive to calm and design.

A few doors here and there, rarely closed, to mark the listening, the openness to discussion, to advice, without formalism.
No ostentatious signs, but functional and efficient with a permanent concern for data security and customer operations.

This pleasant working atmosphere is immediately perceived by our visitors who often remark on it.

No long hours

Telamon adopted the 35-hour workweek as soon as the law was enacted, without waiting for the obligation to apply to SMEs.
It is about 35 effective hours, with a precise schedule, calculated to ensure the best services to the Clients.
The Management reminds from time to time the necessity to respect the schedules.
Working too much at night is never a guarantee of professional efficiency.
Telamon works on internal projects (investments) and customer projects.
The latter are highly equipped, mobilize part-time resources and do not exert pressure on schedules.
Internal projects are free of any pressure.

The secret: method, tools and high productivity distributed from between customers, employees and Telamon.


Energy is our future: let's save it. Eco-design is omnipresent: transportation, lighting that can easily be switched off like workstations (datacenters close by, in the countryside), servers, applications...